Membership Benefits

Chicagoland Singles - Membership BenefitsChicagoland Singles has many benefits that are absolutely above and beyond any other dating service. Our philosophy is unique; we blend traditional values with personal interaction, add high-tech online tools, mix quality, screened individuals and top it off with management strategies to create dating solutions that are the best of both worlds… “The secret recipe.”

Most online dating or matchmaking services are great when it comes to convenience, but terrible at actually matching up compatible partners or creating an exciting and authentic expectation of romance. Many of them do little more than host extensive libraries of profiles (not all of them legitimate) and a means to facilitate online communication (completely unregulated for safety and authenticity). Ask yourself; is convenience more important than finding someone special? How important is your safety and privacy? Life is too precious to take unnecessary risks, when you don’t have to.

Chicagoland Singles - Membership BenefitsChicagoland Singles is optimized to create connections and inspire closer relationships that are per-screened for safety and compatibility. This is a hands-on service that is designed for ambitious and eligible Chicago and suburbanite singles who want to enjoy dating and meet great people, but want help managing the details and finding potential partners who share their desire for a serious relationship.

We also emphasize convenience, but not the empty ease of use that comes from simply sifting through profiles. We offer you a choice of ways to interact with other members and find matches:

  • Browse profiles on your own or review member profiles specifically chosen for you by our relationship specialists
  • Attend our exclusive members-only local dating events, speed dating nights, or travel excursions, all with concierge support
  • Ask our dating experts to arrange one-on-one dates for you with other members that catch your fancy

The Difference Our Wonderful Relationship Specialists Make for You

The most important benefit to becoming a Chicagoland Singles member is access to the professional matchmaking support of our incredible team of relationship experts. Not only are they professionals who know the ins and outs of the city, they also understand what it’s like to be single and looking for something more. They understand you and where you’re coming from and how to get you where you want to be in a loving and lasting romantic relationship.

To find out more about the benefits of membership, call us today at (847) 706-9889 or contact us online for more information. Our relationship experts are available to help you.