Personal Service

Chicagoland Singles - Personal ServiceThe Internet does a lot of things great, but forging direct contact and a warm, friendly, supportive environment is not one of them. Chicagoland Singles believes and embraces the personal touch… in fact, it’s the most obvious difference between how other companies run their operation and how we are able to offer you the very best and most successful service.

We aren’t afraid to use a hands-on approach in finding you the right partner and in fact we are certain there’s no better way! That hands-on approach begins early with our screening and interview process, where we get to meet you face-to-face and talk all about you, what you’re looking for in a partner, and how we can best make it happen. We could handle it all online or over the phone, like other companies do, but we believe in going the extra mile to make a genuine connection.

Once you’re a member, we love to have you drop by the office anytime you like to talk with us about how things are going. These check-ins are an opportunity for us to learn what’s working, what needs some fine-tuning, and how we can better focus our efforts on finding you someone special. Even if you’re well on your way to finding love, don’t be afraid to stop in – we love to hear your success stories in person!

Chicagoland Singles - Personal ServicePersonal service is also a way to help you with every aspect of your dating and remove the burden of planning, organization, and management. Many of our members are busy with careers and struggle to find time to fully engage with the logistics of dating. Our relationship coordinators can help you with planning great dates, reservations and event ticketing, sending flowers, even finding a babysitter last minute. Best case scenario, we can even help you find a wedding planner or make honeymoon arrangements! (You wouldn’t be our first!)

If you’re tired of the usual online dating routine and looking for professional assistance to achieve your goals, call us today at 847-706-9889 or contact us online for more information. Chicagoland Singles specializes in quality introductions and happiness.