Singles Events and Singles Travel

Local Single and Travel Event Dating

Good Chicago Times with Good Chicago People (Who Are Single Like You!)

The fun thing about dating through Chicagoland Singles is that there’s no real trick to it, the most important thing is just getting out there and doing it! Chicagoland Singles will organize exclusive singles events throughout Chicago and Schaumburg for our dating clients.

  • Happy hours
  • Sporting events
  • Cultural activities
  • Concerts & musical performances
  • Wine tastings
  • Limousine scavenger hunts
  • Holiday parties
  • Guest speakers
  • Cooking classes
  • Dance lesson parties

We manage all the details, so our members can focus on the most important thing: meeting, mingling and finding opportunities to chat one-on-one with partners they hit it off with.

Our event hosts and concierges treat dating and romance like an art, which explains why our events are so successful at bringing together singles and creating connections. You might even look across a room, see someone intriguing and ask your concierge “Who is that person? Can you introduce us?” Can we?!? We’d LOVE to!

Special Chicago Charity Dating Events

Chicagoland Single’s special charity events are something we really enjoy organizing and our members enjoy them just as much. We work with several Chicago and regional charities that are actively making a real difference in the community. Our events support these charities and local people in need:

  • For Chicagoland Single’s members, it’s a fun way to support several great causes.
  • Working to give back to the community is a personally rewarding backdrop for a social event.
  • Charity events are a wonderful change of pace.
  • Charity partners receive all proceeds from each event, boosting their ability to meet their core community mission.

Local Single and Travel Event DatingChicagoland Singles hosts Chicago charity dating events on a quarterly basis and with additional events on special occasions, including food drives, holiday events and support for homeless charities, cancer awareness, local women’s shelters and more.

Exclusive Chicago Singles Matchmaking Events

We put a tremendous amount of planning, preparation and work into our events, to ensure you have a good time and the opportunity to meet the kind of singles and potential partners you want to meet, and who share your relationship goals.

Chicagoland Singles offers several ways to meet single people with the same interests as you. Join in the fun, do something you have never done before or always wanted to do. Life is about experiencing it, not regretting what you have never done or tried!