50+ Singles and Mature Dating

50's DatingDating in Your 50’s… Hold Onto Your Hats, Chicago!
Dating in your 50’s again? Relax, you’re going to have the time of your life! That’s easy for us to say because our hundreds of 50+ members never miss an opportunity to remind us why dating again is so fun and rewarding.

You are never too old for flirting your way towards romance.

Dating in your 50’s is a chance to do it all over again, only better this time!
Dating in your 50’s is comfortable, natural and rewarding. That’s because just like a fine wine, dating gets better with age!

50's DatingYou’re confident, self aware and empowered.
Like most of us, it probably took you some time to figure out exactly what you wanted from a relationship. Now, you not only know what you want, but also you know how to ask for it. Your confidence and awareness make your relationships much more rewarding and enjoyable.

You have the ability to relax and enjoy yourself. Some of the biggest worries from youth – getting a career started, saving money, settling down, and starting a family – are in your rear view mirror now, which means you have a carefree attitude and the extra time needed to enjoy yourself. So go ahead… enjoy yourself!

You don’t play at romance like it’s a game. Part of your greater confidence comes from experience and the years have taught you to be more emotionally secure. Your 50’s are a wonderful time to enjoy life with someone special and plan for the future.

50's DatingIt’s all about being in “the now.” The future is not so uncertain, which allows you to concentrate on what you’re doing now and getting the most satisfaction and joy from your relationships. Focus on having a good time doing what you’re doing and the future actually starts to take care of itself when it comes to your happiness!

Chicagoland Singles is the “Dating in Your 50’s” specialist!
We didn’t get to be Chicago’s most popular matchmaking service for singles in their 50’s by accident. We do the hard work for you, we make dating comfortable and fun and we match you up with a great group of partners who feel the same way about relationships as you do.

You’re not going to be in your 50’s forever… isn’t it time you joined the fun?