Screening & Qualifications

Chicagoland Singles - Screening & Qualifications

Our extensive screening process of all Chicagoland Singles applicants, including in-person interviews; this serves two very important purposes, number one, it ensures that we only accept the most suitable members, who are eligible according to our strict standards and who are genuinely interested in dating with an eye toward a more serious relationship. Compatibility for our members begins with shared romantic goals and our screening process is critical to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Second, we take your security, safety, and comfort very seriously. Other online dating services have become a lucrative venue for scammers to prey on victims using a variety of techniques, including fake profiles, phony promises, blackmail, and more. This includes dating sites that are scam operations themselves, rigged to attract costly memberships with fictitious profiles and aggressive up selling of services.

We verify and check all of the following for every applicant:

  • Identity
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Criminal record

Using an in-house photographer not only guarantees everyone is able to put their best foot forward with professional-looking photos, it also guarantees that all profile photos are actually of the person and not a misrepresentation or fabrication.

Chicagoland Singles - Screening & QualificationsIt’s difficult to trust every online company you come across and you absolutely need to be wary of deception, especially when you are sharing your personal information. Our screening and interview policies are designed to protect you, to provide you comfort and safety and to create the best possible environment for success in finding for you someone eligible, compatible, and truly wonderful to have a relationship with.

Are you excited to learn more about our screening and interview policies? Call us today at 847-706-9889 or contact us online for more information. We would be happy to tell you why Chicagoland Singles is the best at what we do.