Not Your Average Speed Dating

CHICAGOLAND SINGLESDear Eloisa: A friend of mine recently suggested we try speed dating. Having never done this before, I was curious and so I went. Lo and behold, it was basically exactly as I had expected, as I had seen on so many movies and television shows. A veritable musical chairs, it all was very much a whirlwind. I honestly can barely remember the name of one of the men I sat across from, much less all ten! Needless to say, I really don’t think I walked out of there having found a perfect life partner. (I don’t even think I walked out of there with even just a Friday night date.) I am a bit bummed too, because I was actually excited about the idea, until I actually went that is. Is that pretty much what I can expect of all such speed dating events?

Yours Truly,

Lana – Schaumburg, IL

Dear Lana: The short answer: no. The longer answer: you have to look for speed dating events that emphasize the “dating” over the “speed.” For many such services the norm is indeed what we see on the romantic comedies. Five minutes in front of someone, a buzzer sounds and then the next suitor slides into the barely warm seat. It seems a little odd that they expect you to get to know anything about a person within such a hectic and short-lived period of time. How are you supposed to make an informed and safe choice about whether or not you wish to date someone when you barely have enough time to get their name, rank and serial number…Not necessarily the best scenario for the beginnings of true love.

There are alternatives however: speed dating events that really do emphasize the dating part of the evening. Take Chicagoland Singles’ speed dating nights. Focused on bringing together local singles from the Chicago metro area, these events are designed to encourage connections and unite like-minded men and women seeking age appropriate partners.

They give you an hour with six partners chosen especially for their compatibility. And because all of Chicagoland Single’s members are pre-screened, they know exactly what the attendees’ likes, interests, and hobbies are. With a relaxed, casual and fun atmosphere, this is not your average speed dating event. You’d be surprised, given the venue and setting and the way in which the experience is set up – you just might meet that perfect partner.

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